You have a dead or bricked phone

You have a dead or bricked phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are in use almost all day and everywhere to take on various tasks such as; watch football matches, get the weather forecast, check for the latest news updates and taking pictures. Mobile phones have become a necessity and, according to some reports, we are using them excessively.

Subsequently, this intensive use puts a lot of pressure on the little device to the extent that it cannot bear the load of all these software applications. As a result, the mobile phone becomes unresponsive which means that when you try to turn the device on it won’t. However, there are two types of dead or bricked phones.

Dead Phone | Soft Brick

If the phone is soft bricked, then it shows some life at the booting stage but will not boot up properly due to a software issue or virus. In order to solve this issue, a custom ROM is installed to bring the phone back to life. Moreover, there is about a 70% chance that these phones can be repaired with proper knowledge and tools.

Dead Phone | Hard Brick

If the phone is hard bricked, it won’t show any sign of life when you try to turn it on. You may think it is a battery issue but in reality, it could be more serious than just the battery.

There could be various reasons for the device to be completely unresponsive such as; faulty IC or other similar components or the device may even have a severe software malfunction.

In order to make this device work犀利士 again, it requires expert attention and even then, the chances are very slim. However, if the device cannot be brought back to life, we make sure that these devices are recycled and do not end up in a landfill site.

In conclusion, when FoneBucks receives a dead phone, we work to ensure that the device is brought back to life and can be used again. However, if we do not succeed with our endeavors, we take all the usable parts from the device and then the rest is recycled. By doing this, we are keeping the environment clean by not letting these devices end up威而鋼 in landfill sites.

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