Free Postage

We offer a free postage service to our customers which is very convenient because they can either; generate their own postage label or, we will provide them in the free sales pack. This postage service is trackable at

Free Secure Packaging

We provide recyclable packaging material which is also recycled and secure. The recycle secure packaging has a protective layer of peel-able foam to prevent damage and an adhesive sealant closure.

100% Price Guaranteed

We take great pride in adhering to our principle that FoneBucks does not change its agreed price. All customers receive the exact amount as agreed when initiating the transaction.


Environmentally Friendly

All materials used are 100% recyclable from office use to packaging.  Therefore, we meet our sustainability commitment by adopting the Think Big | Think Green approach.

Same Day Payment

We will pay you on the same day as receipt of your Mobile Phone using your preferred method of payment. Instant bank transfer, cheque sent within 24 hours or PayPal transfer.

Secure Site

Our website is completely secure because we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which protects customer data which cannot be decoded. FoneBucks ensures that customer data remains private and integral.