1. You, the site user, agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions which are stated below.
  2. You are entering into a contract of sale with FoneBucks Limited, registered in England & Wales, company number 11859608.
  3. Device means; Mobile Phone, iPad, or Smartwatch.
  4. You have followed these steps to complete this order;

Value Your Device: Value your Mobile Phone by providing; Make, Model or the IMEI or Serial number (15-digit code, *#06#).  We ensure you get the best price for your mobile phone.

Receive Free Sales Pack: Agree on a price, free sales pack sent within 24 hours, with secure packaging, postage label(s), packaging instructions & delivery note.

Post Phone: just post your Mobile Phone to us either by; using our provided secure packaging material or, your selected method (free printed label or special delivery).

Same Day Payment: Upon receipt of your Mobile Phone, we will first inspect then notify and pay you on the same day through your selected payment method.



  • Device turns on
  • Cosmetically – 1-3 micro scratch marks on the housing
  • Screen with no marks or issues
  • All components are original with no issues


  • Device turns on
  • Cosmetically – 1-4 scratch marks or dings on the housing
  • Screen with few scratch marks but no issues
  • All components are original with no issues


  • Device turns on
  • Cosmetically – poor condition
  • Screen with no issues
  • All components are original with no issues

Faulty & Damaged 

  • Device turns on
  • The screen is faulty or broken
  • One of the components is not working; speaker, microphone, camera, battery, charging issue, vibrator, volume button.
  • No water damage
  • All components are original

Dead / Locked:

  • Device does not turn on
  • Screen undamaged
  • No water damage
  • Phone must be in one piece
  • iCloud / FRP locked

Please Note:

  • To qualify for the full offered value, the phone’s battery health must be above 85% in all conditions.
  • If we find more than one fault or damage to the phone (Faulty & Damaged Grade) during the inspection, the initial offered value be recalculated and you will be offered a new value.
  • If there is any motherboard fault in Faulty/Damaged Garde, the initial offered price will be revised.
  • If the LCD screen has one of the following issue(s), in all grades, it will be considered as faulty; Dead Pixel(s), Blurry, White or Black Spot, Dark, Yellowish Shadows, Deep Scratch Mark(s), or a Chip(s).
  • We may revise the initial valuation if there are a few scratch marks or a deep scratch on the LCD.
  • Touch ID must be working in all Grades including, the Faulty & Damaged category.
  • Any permanent mark on the housing could affect the initial valuation.
  • The initial offered price will be reduced if there are a few blemishes or scratch marks on the back cover, Glass, or Otherwise.
  • During the inspection, if the technician suspects water damage, he may open the device for better diagnostics.
  • Please read the Terms & Condition carefully before placing the order on our or through our partner’s website. Any false representation regarding the grading or condition of the phone could potentially lead to a revaluation of the device.


Free Post Tracked Service:

  • Following the agreed price, free secure packaging material sent the same day.
  • Service insured up to £100 against any loss or damage
  • Delivery time 1-3 working days

Print a Free Label Tracked 24 Service:

  • Print your own free post label
  • This service can save time
  • Use your own secure packaging material
  • Service insured up to £100 against any loss or damage
  • Delivery time 1-2 working days

Special Delivery:

  • Recommended delivery method
  • Print your own label or receive one in the pack
  • You pay towards this service
  • Cover up to £750 against any loss or damage
  • Delivery time – next working day

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer:

FoneBucks offers this service for the convenience of its customers. Bank transfer is normally done on the same day as we receive your device and inspect it. However, there can be one day delay due to the banking restrictions.


Receiving payment via PayPal is very easy and secure. Money reaches to your PayPal account within 1-2 hours after the payment is made. However, PayPal charges 3-3.4% to receive funds and an additional 20p to withdraw funds from your account.


This method is very secure as the cheque is made on your name. However, it may take 1-2 days to receive the cheque and further 3-5 working days to get it cleared.

Pricing structure

  • Our prices are stated very clearly for every Mobile Phone according to their category and condition.
  • Once quoted, prices are valid for 14 days.
  • On the site, prices can change at any time without notice.

Lost, Stolen, Barred or Blocked Phone

  • We check every Mobile Phone’s identity through Check Mend, Europe’s largest database for electronic goods. If we find any device lost, stolen, barred or blocked, we will keep the device in quarantine for 28 days in order to find the rightful owner. Further, after 28 days have been passed from the initial correspondence, the sender cannot claim the device.
  • We will inform the pertinent authorities about the device.
  • We will not return any lost, stolen, barred or blocked device to the sender.
  • We will send the lost, stolen, barred or blocked device to the relevant authority for further investigation.

If the device gets lost or damaged during transit

  • If the device gets lost or damaged during transit (using own packaging or ours), (sending or return device) we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Please use the special delivery option, which is an insured service up to £750 for loss or damage.
  • The sender is responsible for any claim in relation to lost or damaged goods.
  • We will not be responsible whilst returning a device using Royal Mail First Class.
  • Please provide your own insured return postage label; special delivery.

Revised value

  • For any reason such as; condition, internal fault, software, or hardware, the initially agreed price can be revised. In this case, we will issue a new price for the Mobile Phone. Upon complete agreement with the owner, we will release funds to the selected payment method.
  • We request that owners provide precise and honest information such as; condition of the Mobile Phone, any known faults either software or hardware, so we do not have to revise the given price.
  • Devices with more than one fault or are damaged beyond economic means, their valuation will be revised.
  • The owner will receive an email with the new price along with an option to either accept or decline that offer. If the owner accepts the new price, the money will be transferred to the selected payment method. However, if the owner decides to decline the new offer. He/she will have to pay a phone return fee of £10.00, which covers our postage, inspection, and administration costs.
  • After sending the revised valuation email if we don’t hear anything from the sender within 28 days. The device will not be returned and/or the agreed price will not be paid fully in principle.

Device Inspection / Diagnostics

  • We normally complete our diagnostic assessment on the same day. However, in some cases inspection may get delayed to the next working day.
  • FoneBucks may hold your device for up to 5 working days if we deem to further inspect the device due to some software or hardware functionality such as; battery life, app behaviour, turning on/off automatically, etc.

iCloud & Google Account Locked Devices

  • If the received Mobile Phone is locked on iCloud or Google account, the sender will have to provide the correct information in order to remove the activation lock. If the owner fails to comply with our request within 3 working days, we must inform the authorities about the device.
  • The locked Mobile Phone will not be returned to the sender.

Customer Obligation

  • We must be notified of any change in the sender’s details such as; contact details, or financial details immediately. We will not be responsible for any delay in payment or returning the device upon a failure to provide us with any such changes and updates.

Cancel Order

  • The seller has the right to cancel the order. However, if we have inspected the device or have arranged the payment, the order cannot be canceled.
  • The order can only be canceled if the device is in transit.
  • However, the sender would have to pay £10.00 for the return postage and inspection fee if the cancellation request is received after inspection.

Customer Disclaimer

  • The site user must be over 18 years of age.
  • The site user must be a resident in the UK.
  • The site user must be the legal owner of the device or have the permission of the legal owner to sell the device.