Royal Mail Collection Service

Royal Mail Collection Service

Don’t need to go to the post office

Just 72p or less for some items!

Follow these simple steps to order a collection service at the convenience of your home

  • Visit one of the following links; Click ‘’Book Collection’’

  • Type in the provided tracking number from the Pre-Paid Postage Label

Tracking Number: e.g.: ZD 0385 4187 9GB

  • Provide the item weight; normally, it is 100-250 Grams
  • Select the size; if you are using the provided secure packaging then it is a Large Letter
  • Provide your name & address
  • Choose a collection day & mention any safe place if nobody will be at the property at the time of collection
  • Pay the nominal fee by either PayPal, Visa or Mastercard

Once Royal Mail has collected your item, we normally receive your device the next working day.

This collection service is safe and will save a lot of your precious time going to the post office!



How To Buy Special Delivery Postage

Follow these simple steps to buy Special Delivery Postage

  1. Visit one of these links to buy any postage service label

2. Provide a destination and item weight


3. Now select the package size


4. Now select the required postal service and choose an insurance value (if required)


5. Now provide the receiver’s address and postcode



6. Now provide sender’s address and postcode


7. Pay for the selected postage service (select the collection option if required)


Please note: It normally costs £7.50 for the special delivery and an additional 72p for the collection service.

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