FoneBucks Recycling takes data management extremely seriously because we understand how important it is to an individual. Furthermore, it is every individual’s right to know how and where their data is being used and kept. In our privacy policy, you will find information about the following elements; collecting, collating, sharing, storing, utilising, transferring, analysing, cancelling and protecting your data.

Additionally, when you use our website and provide us with your data, you are giving us your consent to collect, collate, share, store, utilise, transfer, analyse, cancel and protect your data, However, you can ask us at any time to delete or amend your data. Further, you can contact us with any queries at  – [email protected].

About Us

FoneBucks Recycling is a mobile phone recycling company, which operates under;

Your Right to Know
  1. What data we collect
  2. Why we collect your data
  3. How we collect your data
  4. Where and how we use your data
  5. Why and how we share your data
  6. How to contact us
  7. Why and how we transfer your data
  8. How we protect your data
  9. Why and how we analyse your data
  10. How long we keep your data for
  11. Age limits or restrictions
  12. How to ask us to delete or amend your data
  13. Changes to our privacy policy

Your Right to Know Explained

We collect the following; your name, address, email, bank details, phone number.

  1. We collect your data so we can process your order smoothly.
  2. We collect your data for analysis purposes so we can analyse it and provide better products or service experience for future transactions.
  3. We collect your data for promotional purposes so if we can inform you about any new offers.
  4. We collect your data to make a payment to you.
  5. We collect your data to deliver and receive item(s).
  1. When you provide information to process an order.
  2. When you use our website and via cookies
  3. When you come from a third-party’s platform(s).
  1. We use your data internally to improve our services which is to provide better customer experience.
  2. We use your data with shipping companies so that they can deliver your goods without any interruption.
  3. We use your data with email marketing companies like Mail Chimp for promotional purposes.
  4. We use your data to make payment to your bank account.
  5. We use your data to send you a cheque.
  6. We use your data to send a payment via third party portal(s) such as; PayPal.
  1. We will only transfer your data if we need to change our computer system or hard drive.
  2. We need to use alternative hard drive(s) to transfer data files.
  3. We may also use USB stick to transfer data.
  4. The reason we do this: - because the system has come under attack by any malicious malware or bugs.
  5. However, we will make sure all hardware used has encrypted technology and can never be penetrated to retrieve any valuable data.
  1. We only share your data with authorities such as; the Police, in compliance with Court Orders, HMRC or the Home Office and only if required to do so by law.
  2. We may share your data with shipping providers to fulfil the orders or improve our shipping services.
  3. We may share your data with marketing agencies to provide you with offers and also promote our products.
  4. We may share your data internally for business development purposes to further improve our services.
  5. We may share your data, if required by law, to authorities via a secure email system or secure memory stick.
  1. We use encrypted technology so it is highly unlikely that a system or a person can retrieve, extract or penetrate our system.
  2. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your data.
  3. We also have https:// protocol in place which makes it difficult to penetrate the security layer.
  4. We do not provide direct access to any third party; unless necessary and in such circumstances, we have their written agreement that they will not under any circumstances reveal or distribute your data to any other individual or company.
  1. We analyse your data to improve our services.
  2. We analyse your data to improve our marketing strategies so we can provide better products and customer service.
  3. We analyse your data by using various analytical tools such as; Google analytics, Bing analytics, Yahoo analytics.
  4. You can turn off your cookies so the following details cannot be obtained; IP address, which device you are using, your age group, your country, your residence area and your status. Please login to your browser’s account to turn off these data related options.

  1. By law we are required to keep the following data for six years; transaction detail(s), name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. However, your payment details such as bank account are only kept until the transaction is validated. Upon clearing the transaction, we will delete your data within 24 hours.
  1. You can request at any time to delete or amend your data by contacting us at: - [email protected].
  2. You can ask us to provide a copy of your data that we hold, and we will send you a copy via email.
  1. If you are under age of 18you cannot use our website to sell any phone(s).
  2. You will need the permission of your parent or guardian.
  3. If we find out that the user is under the age of 18, we will cancel the order and inform the parent or guardian.
  1. We may change our privacy policy without any prior notice so it is your responsibility to check our privacy policy on a regular basis.
  2. These changes are made in order to improve our services for a better customer experience.
  3. The changes will also be made following legal advice or regulation changes in order to improve data security measures.
  1. You can contact us any time regarding any data concern you may have and we will make sure that all of your concerns are dealt with promptly, with professionalism and, within the legal framework.
  2. Please contact us at: - [email protected]