Erase All Data From IOS & Android Devices


Please remove your Google account before posting the Mobile Phone.

Please follow these simple steps to remove the Google account from your device:

Step 1: Settings

Step 2: Click on Accounts

Step 3: Click Google

Step 4: Click your Google ID

Step 5: Click Remove


Please remove all data and sign out of your Apple ID account.

Please follow these steps to remove iPhone data:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Reset

Step 2: Remove all the Content & Settings

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID

Step 4: Press ”Erase All”

Please follow these steps to turn off your ‘’Find My iPhone’’:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click your Apple ID

Step 3: Click on ”iCloud”

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID

Step 5: Turn Off ‘’Find My iPhone’’

Data Erasing

FoneBucks takes data erasing very seriously. Therefore, we erase data of every single mobile phone at the stage of inspection. There is not a single mobile phone which leaves our premises without being through that process, means data fully erased by the industry top standard software (ADISA).