Dropped Your Mobile Phone in the Water?

Don’t panic; follow these simple steps so that your mobile phone works again.
  • Take the phone out of the water as soon as possible so it won’t have any more water exposure which will make it easier for further remedies if required.
  • Do not turn on the phone and remove any extra casing, sim card, and battery. By doing this, the water won’t stay in one place for too long, and hopefully, it won’t have damaged the motherboard or LCD screen.
  • Try to dry the phone with a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth as this will stop any further water ingression into any of the other components.
  • If you can find silica gel, put the phone, along with silica gel bags, in a box or Tupperware container for 24-48 hours. The silica gel will absorb some of the moisture from the phone.

What Problems can occur?

  • All of the components are vital in any phone, however; some of them are not very expensive in comparison to the motherboard and LCD screen. Therefore, water immers犀利士 ion can corrode the motherboard, as well as, cause distortion on the LCD screen.
  • Additionally, it could cause; the home button, power button, mute button, and volume button to fail.
  • Further, there is a chance that the charging dock may become corroded which would stop the phone charging.
  • The water immersion could corrode the battery pins and thus, the phone won’t be able to be turned on despite the fact there is nothing wrong with the battery itself.
Solutions for Water Damaged Mobile Phone(s) 
There are many mythical and untested means to address this issue; however, we recommend two tried and tested ways to solve this problem.
  • Put your water damaged phone along with silica gel in a Tupperware container for 24-48 hours. As we all know, silica gel comes with every pair of shoes and clothes packages. It absorbs all the unnecessary moisture which stops your phone working sometimes, and frankly, it does not cost much.
  • The most effective way to solve this dilemma. Take your phone to a professional phone technician, in this case, they can address all the issues with your phone and will ensure that it performs all the functions it is supposed to perform. The phone technician will open your phone, and with some special chemicals, clean your phone from the inside and remove any water or corrosion. Once the water or the corrosion is removed, the technician will analyze your phone against all the features and vital components to make sure they are all in working order.
By taking these necessary steps, you are ensuring that your mobile phone could have the second chance it deserves and still keeps your bank balance in credit. Furthermore, the identified problems are important to acknowledge because they will help you to decide the right course of action. Subsequently, the final remedies will hopefully resolve the issue(s) permanently, and you will once again be able to use your phone after 犀利士 its bath.

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