About FoneBucks


The reason for our inception is not just to have a viable business but goes well beyond that where we dream to contribute towards playing our part in keeping the environment clean and making sure that the coming generations have our examples to follow. We understand the global need to strive towards keeping carbon emissions low, as much as we can. We are not really sure how much of a difference we can make but we are certain we can.


Currently, we follow our Think Big | Think Green campaign where we are creating awareness about Smartphone recycling and refurbishing which is extremely important

Because: –

  • since 2008 > 7 billion new Smartphones have been manufactured
  • 968 hours of electricity has been consumed
  • immensely increasing global warming and CO2 levels

But now: –

  • we can increase the life cycle of every Mobile Phone by 2-3 years
  • we could potentially decrease CO2 levels by 30%, according to a report.
our Passion

We are passionate to make this endeavour a success by passing on good practices and perceptions regarding recycling and refurbishing to the general public. Therefore, please support us by recycling unwanted Mobile Phones so that we could increase its life cycle by another 2 to 3 years. This regime will reduce the demand for new Mobile Phones and ultimately lessen the pressure on mining the raw materials.

According to a survey, currently 85 million mobiles are sitting in drawers in the UK. Therefore, our aim is to create awareness about those unwanted Mobile Phones.